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WE'VE all heard the phrase, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results.” While usually said in good fun, there is truth to the jest: if we want a different outcome, we have to change our actions.

Having been in the travel industry for over seven years now, I can tell you that I see insanity all the time. And I don’t mean in my coworkers (usually); no, this insanity lies in you, the day-to-day traveler.

Now, before you get offended and say that I called you “crazy” (which I didn’t), let me explain.

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I had never really thought about doing a River Cruise to see Europe. I have to say after having this wonderful experience to cruise down the Rhine River, I would go on another one in a second. Our cruise was booked through Uniworld and our boat was called the River Empress.

We started our journey in Amsterdam and we were met by a Uniworld representative to transfer us to the boat. Upon arriving to the boat (mini cruise ship) I was in awe to see the boats lined up along the river and realize how big the river really is. We were welcomed by a friendly staff and couldn’t believe how easy the check in was.

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Are you wondering which destination is right for you? Which cruise line would best fit your style and expectations? What is the best value for your travel dollars? Do you need a passport and a visa? Is it the rainy season? What will I see? Do I need travel insurance and what does it cover? If you are asking these kinds of questions, make sure you ask a Morris Murdock Travel Agent! Conversing with a Morris Murdock Travel Agent is a great way to research and plan your next dream vacation!

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As a tour operations company it is very hard when we get complaints at the end of a tour that we've conceived, developed and operated about…..the flights! Something we have no control over.

I have personally termed the act of flying to my clients as the “necessary evil” because if you want to travel, it is a necessity and anymore the airline industry as whole has a very evil aura about it. It seems appropriate when we are explaining to our clients what we can and cannot control as part of our service. But is it just the airlines fault?

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"A Journey of a thousand Miles Starts with a Single Step." – Chinese Proverb

China in the Spring is one of the delights of human experience. Come with me to experience the ancient and modern wonders of the World in Beijing and Xian in April. Here are some reasons you should come along:

This Experience is Awe inspiring.
Why not vacation somewhere absolutely, completely different in every imaginable way from normal?

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