China: A Land of Unforgettable Mystery
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China: A Land of Unforgettable Mystery

"A Journey of a thousand Miles Starts with a Single Step." – Chinese Proverb

China in the Spring is one of the delights of human experience. Come with me to experience the ancient and modern wonders of the World in Beijing and Xian in April. Here are some reasons you should come along:

This Experience is Awe inspiring.
Why not vacation somewhere absolutely, completely different in every imaginable way from normal?

You Will see Wonders of the World?
How much would your parents have loved to walk on the Great Wall of China, visited the Forbidden City, or the Terra Cotta Warriors? How inspiring will it be for your children and grandchildren to know you did?

Your wallet Will Love You for it!
Prices in China are low, and this experience is a value not to be passed up. Where can you go in the world to see this quality and number of ancient and modern World Wonders at such a reasonable price?

Your Taste Buds Will Thank You for it.
The food is spectacular, it isn’t like American Chinese food. It is fresh and filled with wonderful flavor… and such variety.

Because Your Comfort Zone is Too Comfortable.
Sure, things in China are unfamiliar, and seemingly everything about the culture is backwards from what you know, but if you're up for the challenge, you'll be rewarded with a truly spectacular experience.

You Will Travel With Some of the Finest People Anywhere!
I know personally many of the people already signed up for this trip and they are some of the best people I have ever met. You will have a wonderful time making friends and have new experiences together. I promise.

I promise you will have a wonderful experience filled with wonder, sights, sounds, smells, colors, memories and feelings you will treasure for the rest of your lives (and beyond)!