India & Dubai: A Whole New Experience

India & Dubai: A Whole New Experience

Ever wondered would it would be like to travel 20 hours on an airplane to the other side of the world?? Other than an uncomfortable plane ride, it was amazing!

Our adventures first started out in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. What a wonderful, clean, and beautiful city. Dubai is home to the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. What a view from the 140th floor!! It is also home to the largest shopping mall in the world. I really felt comfortable in this city and appreciated that fact that everything is new and clean. Our guide explained to us the nationalities that make up this city of 2.4 million people. Only 20% are from the UAE (United Arab Emirates). Of the remaining 80%, 50% are from India, the rest are from Pakistan, Philippines, and Bangladesh, in that order.

One of the highlights of our trip was our final evening in Dubai where we had a jeep safari in the middle of the desert. After a dune driving adventure, we stopped in the dunes to watch a magical sunset. We then headed for the Arabian Adventures camp where we were able to try some Bedouin traditions such as camel riding, an Arabic feast of grilled meats, salads and sweets. We also were treated to a belly dance performance. Our tour company, Arabian Adventures, was wonderful and I would highly recommend their services!

So then it was a short 2 hour flight from Dubai over to Delhi, India. India is home to 1.2 billion people or 1 in 5 in the world. Hindi is the national language. The number one industry is textile and the second is jewelry. Did you ever wonder where the people lived when you make phone calls to a help desk and cannot understand what they’re saying? That’s right, here, in India!! There are 200,000 people in Delhi alone who answer phones for the U.S. help desks! Most people speak English since it’s taught as a second language. They now are having schools to teach American accents—Boston, Southern, etc.

Our India Experience was hosted by Abercrombie and Kent, one of the best tour companies in the world. Did I also mention that we stayed at the Oberoi hotel chain as well? These hotels are some of the finest in the world with impeccable service! After spending a day touring in Delhi it was off to Agra, home of the amazing Taj Mahal!! The mausoleum of Empress Mumtaz Mahal, the beloved spouse of Shah Jahan, who died in 1630. The Taj complex comprises a forecourt, a lofty entrance, a charming formal Mughal garden with canals and a central tank with a series of fountains, the tomb proper, and an attached mosque on the west and its symmetrical counterpart on the east. The Taj is remarkable for its perfect proportions and rich pietra dura, with minute details executed with great skill. The building, often styled "a dream in marble" is said to have taken at least 22 years (1631-1653) to build.

We then continued on to the city of Jaipur. The origins of the beautiful city of Jaipur can be traced back to the eighteenth century, during the reign of Jai Singh II who ascended the Amber throne in 1699. Jaipur today epitomizes the spirit of Rajputana. In spite of growing into bustling metropolis, it still retains its character and history.... a beautiful fusion of yesteryear and modernity. For long called the Pink City because of the extensive use of the locally abundant pink plastered stone, painted so in honor of the visit of the royal consort of Queen Victoria. Jaipur thrills the soul with its massive forts, magnificent palaces, exquisite temples and lush gardens.

The highlights for me in Jaipur were an elephant safari and participating in a camel polo match. We were also able to visit Amber Fort. This amazing fort includes a section that boasts over a million mirrors. This fort is listed as one of the 1000 places to see before you die. We were also hosted for an evening dinner at the Royal Palace.

I’m so glad I was able to experience India. It certainly was a once in a lifetime trip. If you’re interested in visiting India, please give me a call. I’ll be happy to share my expertise, give you the do’s and the don’ts, to make sure your experience will be memorable!


About Brent Jenson: 

I grew up in a family that had the opportunity to travel quite often. My father worked in the airline industry so we were able to take family trips every year to Hawaii, Mexico, or other great destinations. When I was 16 my father and I had the opportunity to travel to Kenya, Africa on a wildlife safari. I was so amazed to see all of the different animals in their natural setting and surroundings. I think at this point in my life I was hooked on travel! I started working at Beehive Travel in 1988 delivering airline tickets while attending college. After graduating from BYU with a B.S. in marketing, I decided to stay in the travel Industry with Morris Murdock. I have been blessed to be able to travel to so many different areas of the world and to experience different cultures, different life styles, and remarkable scenery.

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