Manuia from Tahiti!

Manuia from Tahiti!

What do you think of when you hear French Polynesia? Exotic, beautiful, clear water, and overwater bungalows. It is all of that plus much more. I have traveled many places in the world, but I would have to say visiting the Islands of French Polynesia was one of the most extraordinary experiences I’ve had. Two words stand out – Stunning and Breathtaking. It is a land of over 100 islands with only a few being inhabited. First, you have the island of Tahiti and the capital city of Papeete. This is the main island with the majority of the population, but still beautiful. The Intercontinental Hotel is close to the airport, but still has over water bungalows. There is a market for good prices on oils, pareos, and of course Tahiti’s largest industry, black pearls. A fun place to eat is the food truck area set up every evening by the ferry building. Good prices and great food.

My favorite of the islands is Bora Bora. It is a dream destination and definitely a place to check off on your bucket list. To be in an over water bungalow looking down through the glass floor to the ocean is truly a dream come true. At night the water is lit and the fish are abundant. Some of the resorts even have a glass table in your room that can be slid back so you can actually feed the fish. It is amazing. If you can’t afford overwater accommodations, the garden villas are great. They come with your own private plunge pool surrounded by a rock wall. Your shower is even outside and very private. Activities are fantastic. I highly recommend the ray and shark adventure. Stingrays and black tip sharks surround you as you snorkel. I even had a stingray come up and hug me, unbelievable. The water varies from a vibrant green, where it is shallow and sandy around the lagoons to a turquoise to a deep blue. When you are in open ocean the water is so blue and clear that it seems to be almost purple. You can see 100 feet down to lemon sharks swimming. I can’t describe how gorgeous it is.

My last stop was Rangiroa, which is an atoll and totally flat. We did a drift snorkel and saw dolphins. It is a very quiet island, but great to get away from everything, ride bikes, snorkel and be in a diver’s paradise. No matter where you go in French Polynesia there is beauty to be enjoyed. It is definitely a romantic destination. I would recommend visiting for a honeymoon, anniversary, renewing vows and just a romantic getaway. The flight is only 8 hours from Los Angeles and they are on the same time as Hawaii. Tahiti is an Exotic Paradise that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime. Call me for any information.

La maita'i te terera'a!

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-Debbie Swindall
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