My Tahiti Vacation
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My Tahiti Vacation

I recently returned from an amazing educational experience to Tahiti. We started our journey in LA taking Air Tahiti Nui. I was not a fan of this airline. The aircraft were old, the flight attendants and staff indifferent and there was very little choice of entertainment on the 10 hour flight. They are getting new aircraft in November. We arrived late at night in Papeete and were transported to the Intercontinental. It was a beautiful property with very nice gardens, pools and beach. The food was good and they had wonderful entertainment our last night.

The next morning we departed by ferry to Moorea. The ride was about 2 hours long with beautiful views of islands and the turquoise ocean. We arrived and were transported to the Intercontinental Moorea which was around 1 hour from the pier. The Intercontinental Moorea was very nice, however I was not as impressed with the over the water bungalows since they seemed really close together and were over a lagoon. We had the beach bungalows which I enjoyed much more. We had the great opportunity of doing a dolphin experience. We swam in deep and shallow water with them and learned about the species from the marine expert. That was one of the highlights of the trip. I would definitely recommend it. They have many guests from other hotels come to do this experience. We ate at the hotel restaurant that evening and had an incredible meal.

The following day we boarded Air Tahiti to Bora Bora. The flight going into Bora Bora was spectacular scenery again with the amazing water colors and islands. Upon arrival we experienced a bit of chaos as we tried to find the boat to take us to Intercontinental Thelasso Resort and Spa. When we arrived after about 20 minutes we were greeted by some wonderful host in native costume and beautiful fresh leis. We had a site inspection of the 3 bedroom Brando Suites which were spectacular. Then we were shown to our beautiful over the water bungalows. They were 3 separate rooms with a nice big deck and amazing vistas of the lagoon and Mt. Otekamu. The location of the Intercontinental is perfect and very private. We spent the afternoon doing a little paddle boarding and enjoying the resort. The spa here is world renowned. We had an amazing meal at the resort in an incredible outdoor setting.

The next day we went out on a boat to see and feed the sting rays and black tip reef sharks. The snorkeling was some of the best I have ever seen. So many breathtaking fish! I even saw some Manta Rays which I have always dreamed of seeing. We went to the Intercontinental Moana for lunch and a site inspection. This is another lovely property. Not quite the scenery of Thallaso property but still lovely with very nice over the water bungalows. It is good for the person that doesn’t quite have the budget for the Thalasso property. Again we had a great dinner back at the Thallaso property after drinks at sunset. One of the most breathtaking sunsets I have seen.

They saved the best for last. The next day we flew to Titiaroa to Brando Private Island. There are 8 1 bedroom villas, 3 2 bedroom villas and 1 3 bedroom villas. All food and drinks are included as well as daily spa treatments and island activities. The bungalows are beautifully appointed and lack for nothing. I love the amazing patio with the ocean within a few feet of my plunge pool. They recommend daily breakfast on your terrace which I took full advantage. We were treated to a lagoon tour, a tour of Bird Island and an island tour that told about local Tahitian traditions and way of life. We had dinner the first night at the chef’s table. The food was exquisite. We had a couple hours free time the following day and I attempted a very windy paddle board experience.

We flew back to Papeete the following day for our 11pm flight. We were so lucky to have a day room at the Intercontinental to wait, freshen up and enjoy until we flew home. I highly recommend doing this since the Papeete airport is not a comfortable or well-appointed airport. I love French Polynesia.

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