22nd Annual Travel Show


The 2018 Travel Show was our best yet!

We wanted to thank all our 10,000 Utah travelers who attended our St. George and Salt Lake City travel expos from January 24-27, 2018! Not only was this our biggest show ever, we were able to help so many of you find and book the vacation of your dreams for you and your families. That, more than anything, is why we do what we do: we love to see the world and to help you, our loyal Morris Murdock travelers to experience the trip that you have been dreaming about.

Our 2018 Travel Expo was our biggest to date and marked our 60th anniversary as a company! We invite you to join us on Facebook to stay up to date with announcements about future events AND to enter the anniversary giveaways we'll be having throughout the year.

In the meantime, let's get to the list of our lucky 2018 travel show giveaway prize winners!

  Salt Lake City Travel Show Winners (Alphabetical):
Amber Bangerter: $1,000 Uniworld River Cruise Certificate
Amber Bangerter $1,000 Uniworld River Cruises Certificate
Barbara Broadhead 1-Night Stay in Old Town San Diego
Bill Memmott $1,000 Delta Vacations Certificate
Bonita Hinkle Yellowstone 1-Day Snowcoach Tour
Cheryl Rotallick $500 Globus & Cosmos Travel Voucher
Cindy Del Buono Yellowstone 1-Day Snowcoach Tour
Colton Ogden Yellowstone 1-Day Snowcoach Tour
Cullen McCarty 1-Night Stay in Old Town San Diego
David Jack Viking River Cruises Gift Basket
Firl Youngkeit Disney Travel Tote Bag
Galen Chatterton $200 Morris Murdock Travel Gift Card
Gaylamarie Rosenberg Yellowstone 1-Day Snowcoach Tour
George Kay Cook $500 Air Credit - Funjet Vacations
Jeanette Payne 8-Day Viking River Cruise for 2 with Air
Jeremy Orton 7-Day Caribbean Cruise for 2
Joe Miller $200 Morris Murdock Travel Gift Card
Jose Ortega West Yellowstone Gift Basket
Joseph Christensen GPS Bluetooth Luggage Tracker
Kaysha Marroquih GPS Bluetooth Luggage Tracker
Larry Lewis Polynesian Cultural Center Package
Linda Evans 4-Nights Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
MacKenzie Hyer 1-Night Stay in Old Town San Diego
Marcene Smith Disney Travel Tote Bag
Marvin Graves Yellowstone 1-Day Snowcoach Tour
Nikita Mangeris Celebrity Cruises Bathrobe
Phylus Seylu French Gift Basket - Avanti
Richard Ellis Disney Travel Duffel Bag
Richard Hatch 1-Night Stay in Old Town San Diego
Rita Bellis GPS Bluetooth Luggage Tracker
Russell Eldridge Yellowstone 1-Day Snowcoach Tour
Shauna Noble Yellowstone 1-Day Snowcoach Tour
Steve Hadden 2-Nights in Las Vegas @ the MGM Grand
Ted Stillman Yellowstone 1-Day Snowcoach Tour
Teri Brandenburg Yellowstone 1-Day Snowcoach Tour
Terry Tucker Celebrity Cruises Bathrobe
Tim Jenson 4-Nights in Hawaii with Air
Wayne Rennemeyer GPS Bluetooth Luggage Tracker
William Hansen 4-Nights in Cancun, Mexico with Karisma Hotels
William Lloyd West Yellowstone Gift Basket
Wri Biad Celebrity Cruises Bathrobe
  St. George Travel Show Winners (Alphabetical):
Arlene Prinselaar: 2-Nights in Las Vegas @ the MGM Grand
Dan Wiarda: 7-Day Caribbean Cruise with Princess Cruises
Leah Asch: $1,000 Uniworld River Cruises Certificate
Lloyd Austin: Celebrity Cruises Gift Bag
Lynn Wilson: Viking River Gift Basket
Norbert Mueller: $500 Globus & Cosmos Travel Voucher
Norma Simons: 4-Nights in Cancun, Mexico with Karisma Hotels
Rob Das: $500 Delta Vacations Certificate