Doug and Carol Ladle Holy Land 2017

This was our second tour--not a decision made hastily, but with perfect knowledge that we would have a great experience in the hands of these two amazing guides. Our second trip was, like the first, perfect in every way. We give Morris Murdock, Steve and Asher our highest rating: 15 on a 1-10 scale!

Art and Shirley Samilijan Egypt 2017

We loved both the Egypt and Israel tours - trip of a lifetime. The entire trip went flawlessly.

David Mecham Australia Wonders 2016

I honestly had so much fun. I couldn’t have been more pleased with this trip. The thing I enjoyed the most about our group was it really felt like we all got along. We all had different backgrounds and were in different stages in life, but we all had a common interest and goal for a week. We enjoyed seeing and learning about Australia together. It will be something we remember forever. It was an absolute BLAST. As I have traveled with Morris Murdock in the past, I will continue to do so in the future.

Jeremy C. Holm - Mid Singles Alaska Cruise 2016

Kim at Morris Murdock Escorted Tours was fantastic to work with and helped make our group cruise to Alaska the perfect vacation! She patiently answered all of our questions and gave us insights to allowed us to more fully our time onboard and onshore. It was nice knowing that our trip was organized by a professional and that she had our best interests, and not the bottom line, in mind.