My Recent Cruise on Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the sea

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My Recent Cruise on Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the sea

I decided to go back on a cruise after months of hiatus. Once all the arranging was done and close by the cruise date I went for my PCR COVID test at CVS pharmacy. I was nervous, but it was not a big deal a couple of swabs later I was done and then In just a little over 24 hours I had my results.

When checking in there was more things they asked for, but it was still a quick process. Once on board I went to a little station that talked about your muster station and that was it so easy and better than before. It was uphill from there things could not have gone any better. Royal Caribbean had the right amount of cleanliness without going over the top. Masks were required inside unless you were eating and it was a V event which there was plenty of those.

The buffet was more pleasant you just grabbed a plate and they put anything you wanted on it. The ship was only 1/3 of the way full so I never had to wait long in lines or at the elevator. The staff was amazing so personable I even became Facebook friends with my head waiter something I have never done before.

Getting off the ship and clearing customs was so easy one look at my face and I was done. I felt so secure even more so than I feel at home.

I would not hesitate to do a cruise with Royal Caribbean and I am already looking forward to a new adventure with them.

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