Hawaii, Paradise in the Pacific
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Hawaii, Paradise in the Pacific

In the near future the incredible Hawaiian Islands will open again to visitors from around the world. There may be some restrictions but in my opinion the restrictions will be worth it to experience Hawaii again. My family was actually on the Big Island of Hawaii in March when everything was shut down. We had to come home four days early and I can’t wait to go back to finish my vacation.

The first time that I went to Hawaii was over 35 years ago and I instantly fell in love with this beautiful and exciting destination. I have since returned many times to Hawaii and each time was a wonderful experience. I often find myself daydreaming about my next trip there. Which island will I go to? Which incredible resort will I stay at? How many strikingly colorful fish will I see as I snorkel? There I go off daydreaming again! I love Hawaii and all it has to offer.

Oahu is my favorite island because it has something for everyone. I like Waikiki but I really enjoy staying at a hotel away from the big city and all the people either in the Ko Olina area or the North Shore where the beaches are endless and the people are few. I am always thrilled with my visit to the Polynesian Cultural Center where you can learn the traditions and customs of many of the Polynesian people around the South Pacific. The best part is the evening show filled with exciting music, beautiful dances, warriors and great entertainment. If you are in Waikiki without a car you can schedule a tour that will take you out there.

I have always liked the TV show Magnum P.I. which was filmed in Hawaii a, I even saw them filming one of their episodes. The plots were kind of lame but I just love seeing the scenery and the spectacular beaches even on TV. Make sure you take at least one day to drive around the island; you will definitely be rewarded with great pictures and memories.

While on Oahu make sure to visit the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. It is a humbling and moving experience seeing the massive ship in the water below the memorial. It makes you realize the sacrifices that were made on our behalf by people we did not even know. Look for the tiny bubbles of oil that continue to seep from the wreckage as a reminder that World War II really wasn’t that long ago. You can also pay your respects at The Cemetery of the Pacific in Honolulu also known as Punchbowl Cemetery where the bodies are buried of over 13,000 WW II soldiers who died in battles fought in the South Pacific.

I love Maui for its beaches, its amazing scenery and the quaint village of Lahaina. Experience the spectacular Road to Hana or drive to the top of Haleakala Volcano for unbelievable sunrises or sunsets. From December through March take a whale watching tour, it is one of my favorites! The other islands are different than Oahu and Maui but equally as magnificent. Kauai is known as the Garden Island and is lush and beautiful. Enjoy the scenery, go hiking or take a helicopter tour. The island of Hawaii is big, bold and explosive! Here you will find Volcanoes National Park and the two towering volcanic peaks of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea reaching over 13,000 feet into the sky and are sometimes capped in snow. Visit the Black Sand beaches or with some effort you can see the Green Sand beach. To completely get away from the crowds head for Molokai or Lanai were there are few resorts and few people. I recommend seeing no more than two Hawaiian Islands in any trip to avoid spending your vacation in airports and checking into hotels.

I hope you enjoy visiting Hawaii as much as I do. For now I will just have to turn on the re-runs of Magnum and dream about my next trip to paradise in the Pacific.

Please contact me and I can help make your Hawaii dreams become a reality. Welcome Aboard!

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