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Polynesian Cultural Center

Polynesian Cultural Center

Founded in 1865, this area was originally desolate and uninhabitable. Through tender loving care and tenacity the lovely town of Laie, also known as ‘The Gathering Place’, grew into a beautiful center of spirituality, education and ethnic harmony. The Polynesian Cultural Center first opened its doors in 1963 as a way for students at the adjacent Church College of Hawaii (now Brigham Young University Hawaii) to earn money for their education and as a means to preserve and portray the cultures, art and crafts of the people of Polynesia. Prior to this great event, the town of Laie hosted weekly hukilaus, a community fish fry meant to entertain, instruct and support the community. We’ve come a long way since 1963. The center has grown to become Hawaii’s number-one paid attraction, drawing nearly a million visitors a year.

Spend the day exploring the rich heritage of the Pacific Islands. Wander through 42 acres of tropical splendor and enjoy the adventure of traditional hands-on activities. Dine like royalty at an authentic Polynesian luau and top it off with the most spectacular evening show in the islands.

The allure of old Polynesia lingers among the Pacific island people who demonstrate their traditional arts and crafts and perform their lively songs and dances at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

As the PCC celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2003, even more changes took place to enhance the beauty, culture and learning guests of all ages and backgrounds enjoy. A new front entrance now features mini-museum displays of artifacts from each of the islands represented at the Center, as well as hand-carved replicas of the various voyaging canoes used throughout Polynesia. An exhibit featuring moai statues of Rapa Nui or Easter Island — created onsite by artisans from Rapa Nui — has opened to round out representation of the Polynesian Triangle; the all-new Hale Aloha venue now houses the award-winning Ali’i Luau, as does the all-new Hale Kuai and Hale ‘Ohana, with a fun show featuring songs and dances that take guests on a journey around the Hawaiian Islands and into the heart of Hawai’i’s people.

The Polynesian Cultural Center has concentrated this spirit in a beautiful North Shore setting and consequently become world-renowned as a special place of enchantment, entertainment and education.

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